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With the ability to create custom countertops from a wide range of granite, quartz, marble products, Granite Countertops can give you exactly what you need. With expertise in both kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops, we'll address every aspect of your project until it meets our high standards—and yours. Whether you need help choosing the right material or are looking for someone you can trust to transform a chosen piece into granite countertops, we are always ready to provide advice, ideas, and solutions.

Granite in the Kitchen

Granite countertops are a great way to add value to any home — but deciding on a color palette that's best for your kitchen can seem overwhelming. A large selection of colours gives a variety of looks. There are numerous colours and textures that will compliment almost any decor. Granite countertops offer a more affordable but equally durable and elegant alternative to marble. For homeowners who love the luxurious, clean-lined look of always-attractive marble, granite kitchen countertops offer a more affordable, but equally durable and elegant alternative.

White Kitchen Countertops

White granite countertops are similar to any granite surface in that they are luxurious and durable. Light granite countertops are also ideal for giving a smaller kitchen area a brighter look. The fresh color makes a room feel open and airy, providing a welcome atmosphere. If your cabinetry is dark, then you might consider white granite countertops so that the room doesn't get the "stuffy" feeling that could come from having too many dark tones in the color palette. While white granite is certainly a classic countertop, the surface can also work well in a modern kitchen design.

Dark Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are available in a wide array of colors, including beige and white. But dark granite countertops, like black and gray, are an option most often chosen in a modern, sleek kitchen design. Cool and completely modern, dark granite countertops can add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen area. Dark granite pairs well with a classic or contemporary themed kitchen. The surface is rather eye-catching when it is used in a kitchen that has stark white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Bold accents, like red placemats on a kitchen island or an orange vase would also work nicely in such kitchens.

Neutral Granite Countertops

Understated but decidedly classic, the neutral granite countertop manages to make a bold statement in spite of its quiet color palette. A neutral color scheme says a few things about a kitchen design: it will be subtle, versatile and classic. The elegance of a neutral granite countertop lends itself to a palette composed of brown, beige, gold, tan and cream colors. This countertop style is often the most popular amongst granite choices because of its ability to complement a wide range of kitchen designs. If you are seeking a classic kitchen scheme, like white or light wood cabinetry paired with subdued wall colors, then you may want to consider a neutral countertop to complete your kitchen design. Country style, rustic and contemporary kitchens can also all work well with a neutral granite countertop.

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops, ranging from fine to coarse-grained, look and feel like natural stone. Usually made of quartz pieces mixed in resin, this surface makes a durable bathroom counter. A wunderkind in the world of bathroom countertops, engineered stone emulates the style and texture of natural stone without the maintenance. The nonporous surface won't scratch, stain or crack, and it resists mold and mildew. Engineered stone countertop most often refers to quartz-based surfaces, though other options exist. Dozens of colors are available, and quartz offers one clear benefit over natural stone: more options than nature alone can provide. Just consider shades like apple martini green or funky crocodile-print surfaces. Colors range from quietly traditional to ultra hip. Options include polished (smooth and glossy), honed (with less sheen), and textured finishes. One of the most practical options for busy baths, quartz stands up to staining, heat and scratching. Unlike natural stone, it never requires sealing.

Vintage Stove & Fireplace

The fireplace is another great place to utilize granite or quartz. It provides a more formal look to a fireplace than brick. We can personalize your living room and create an intimate setting with a fireplace surround from Stone Edge. Engineered quartz materials are a functional, versatile, and beautiful solution for many areas of the home. The fireplace surround is a place where we're seeing an increase in use. Homeowners are recognizing the fact that the wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from helps to create a striking fireplace design that adds personality to the overall design of the room. Plus, it's a tremendously high performance material that offers unique heat resistance.

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