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Granite Countertops specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing Granite, Quartz, Marble worktops and surfaces throughout the Toronto and GTA. As manufacturers, we are able to ensure the quality of our products by managing the entire process. Purchasing directly from us allows our customers to make considerable savings from templating to fitting at affordable prices.
Nothing is more beautiful and hard-wearing than a genuine granite work surface, choosing from the variety of styles offered will ensure a beautiful and unique look which will guarantee to improve and add value to any home.


Granite worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and almost impossible to scratch, and will maintain their diamond-polished looks for years. Hot pans, spills and every-day activities in kitchens pose no problem and cleaning it as simple as a damp cloth, making hygiene very easy.
A large selection of colours gives a variety of looks. There are numerous colours and textures that will compliment almost any decor. The material is versatile, cut-outs can be made for hobs, sinks, drainers and basins to harmonise with your kitchen design. Belfast and French Porcelain sinks marry perfectly with these tops to give a traditional look, completed with bridge mixer taps.
Granite countertops will bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom design. It is unsurpassed for hygiene, durability and it is easy to look after, which makes it a practical choice for bathrooms. Granite can help to redefine the space in a way that tiling or other finishes fail to do as it is surprisingly versatile and can be cut and shaped to suit most bathroom designs.


Quartz Quartz method of production ensures superior resistance in its application, making it one of the foremost innovations on the market. Extremely strong, Quartz is resilient to scratches from everyday wear and tear, making it superior to other work surfaces. Due to its composition and production processes, this hard-wearing, solid quartz material is also able to deal with knocks or scrapes from utensils, pans and trays whilst retaining its attractive appearance. Solid quartz offers unparalleled quality in terms of durability and finish. Ideal for application throughout your home and for commercial workforce or businesses. Maintaining the look of natural stone, solid quartz is manufactured to exact industry standards. This flexibility allows almost unlimited choice in terms of application and appearance, with a wide range of colour options that fit in with almost any decorative theme. Specialists in design and installation for homes and commercial premises across the Toronto, we can ensure that your surfaces match your precise specifications, making sure that quality and appearance remain uncompromised. Our service allows you to obtain the top-performance kitchen you've always dreamed off.

Vintage Stove & Fireplace

This stone has quite a palette of unique colors. Just like in the kitchen or bath, a quartzite fireplace surround adds drama. Whether it's in all white or richly textured caramel, quartzite can add a sense of cool modernity or natural warmth. Quartzite offers a very "finished," often formal look, but it also conveys a sense of timeless luxury. Homeowners are recognizing the fact that the wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from helps to create a striking fireplace design that adds personality to the overall design of the room.
There was a time when the hearth was primarily made of brick. But this was also when it did most of the legwork when it came to cooking. Today's fireplace is far more aesthetic than it is functional, and the materials it's made of are as diverse as the owners of the home itself. The natural stone you choose for a fireplace surround makes a strong design statement. And no matter what your style preference, there's a material to help you reflect your unique personality.

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